let the testing begin 5/2/11

Monday, May 2, 2011

Let the Testing Begin:

So let me give a little back story on Dr. Fine (breast surgeon extraordinare). I consider him my “breast guy” because about 4 years ago I had a small fibroid cyst removed in my right breast. So when it came time to check out this new development… I went straight to the man himself. At this appoint I sensed something was wrong immediately.  He used an ultrasound to locate the area in question.  Dr. Fine said this mass looked quite different from the area he removed 4 yrs ago, this was a solid mass.  He said he did not want to jump to any hasty conclusions and explained that younger breast tissue can have dense areas. Nonetheless he scheduled me for a procedure called a punch biopsy and the dreaded “mammography’ with extended views.

mamography extended view

mamography extended view


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