Pfizer Global Health Fellow

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Pfizer Global Health Fellow Global Health Fellows (GHF) is Pfizer’s signature corporate volunteer program that pairs colleagues from technical and functional areas across Pfizer in three- to six- month fellowships with international development organizations to improve health services for people in greatest need in developing and emerging markets.

After a fairly intense application and interview process that began in  late July 2013  I was notified in the early weeks of  December that I had been one of the 19 individuals selected from the hundreds who had applied throughout Pfizer Globally to  recieve this most prestigious honor of serving as a Pfizer ambassador in the role of GLOBAL HEALTH FELLOW. The current class is made up top not collegues from accross the globe and we will be scatter throught countires within Africa, China, and Southeas ASIA.

I have been selected as a GHF to parnter with PSI,Population Serivces Internation.


Pfizer Global Health Fellow Announcement


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