i will get to later… tough mudder first

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I will get to that later…


Around this time… I remember noticing the lump getting larger, more palpable  but not yet being overly concerned. I knew I had a busy month with work and I was getting ready to head to Chicago for a long overdue visit. I had not been back in over a year!! So I put it off and scheduled the appointment May 2 with Dr. Fine. This year had started off really bumpy. Alone for the holidays( long story), horrible flu in January,  homebound with ice storm in Georgia, then I was enticed over a few too many margaritas with  the divine idea and ‘New Years Resolution”  to do something physically challenging this year so signed up with my college friend Pierre to run the first GeorgiaTough Mudder (http://toughmudder.com) in Cedartown Georgia.  Considered to be the toughest event in the US. So off we went March 12,2011,  with 3,000 other people, mostly men  to  raise money for the WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT, trecking, running, swinging, climbing, crawling,cursing, jumping,  obstacle after obstacle, all topped off with a good ol’ dose and  ending of electorshock therapy as we literally crawled to the finish for what they advertised as a 10- 12 mile run but we stopped counting after mile 14.  And that is where I thought my physical challenge would end for the year? Ha..silly girl,  think again! God has a funny sense of humor Kimberly.

A funny mantra from Marcus throughout the day was, “this is the last hill Kim”…how that sentiment would play out into the next real life obstacle I was about to tackle. One more hill Kim…. and so it begins!

the first physical challenge of  2011..

the first physical challenge of 2011..

Tough Mudder

Team Phoenix Hydra Marcus, Pierre, Lynsey

Team Phoenix Hydra
Marcus, Pierre, Lynsey


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