In the beginning…

Sunday May 4,2014

As of this moment I have been awake for more than 36 hours, with faint intermittant bouts of sleep.
Whoooooa Jet lagged … Nope I think I was teetering dangerously on the verge of full on psychosis. In my wild imagination it is my perception of what a crack-head must feel like .. ( picture Halle berry’ circa Jungle Fever character) The roller coaster of emotion…. I’m tired … I can’t sleep, I’m exhausted , yet wired, I’m hungry, I can’t eat, I …. wait …am I tired?.. I am bleary eyed and physically exhausted. I can sleep for only a few hrs then, despite the onslaught of pharmaceuticals I have enlisted. I am startled wide awake at 1 am. You know…. that crazy paranoia that we all get when we’ve traveled and awake in the middle of the night, not recognizing your surroundings,  with no earthly idea where or who we are and panic because we fear weve been abducted or worse yet roofied (sp). Nope,unless you consider self medicating with a cocktail of bendedryl, lunesta and some classy mini-boxed wine roofied then all I am is jet lagged in SE ASIA.
So back to my self diagnosed psychotic escapades….
What’s on tv at 2 am? Oh yes the infinite loop of fast and furious movies , in Korean, in japaneses, in English with Burmese subtitles.what the hell people? Ok now I’m fully engaged in al jeezera tv  news network, this can’t be good. One of my moms concern was that I would turn into a buddist, no worries here Luz , with all the AlJeezera TV I’m watching the worst that could happen would be me buying into the radical Islamic movement … Only kidding!! It’s just the jet lag!
Wait am I NOW watching obie ( my affectionate code name for Obama ) deliver the White House corespondent speech… If I am watching this then I must be delirious!!

After a room change I am unpacked rather half heartedly as I have 2 rather small closets with exactly 5 hangers and 3 small drawers to divide up the 3 suitcase I have so methodically packed with the close supervision of my mother. Where am I going to put all this… I will decide later now I must sleep.. is it only 12noon? who cares, ahhhh sweet slumber awaits.
My first few days I am grateful I packed… Miniature boxed libations of Pinot griot( you laugh but at these moments it’s sweet salvation), scented candles, microwave popcorn, and a few hangers.

Sunrise From INYA LAKE

sunrise on inya lake

sunrise on inya lake


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