Vascular Surgery–OUCH! June 17, 2011

This would be the first of  I don’t know 5-6 maybe seven surgery’s I would  endure as a result of my cancer battle. It would be scary and painful. I was not fully sedated when they pulled that  guide wire from my chest as they placed this contraption in what felt like my heart, so they could give me drugs that would save my life.  It was surreal, I was lying on the operating table unable to move, tears of pain streaming from my eyes onto the pillow when it happened. The nurse leaned over and asked me what was wrong. I couldn’t breath, the pain was excruciating and  I felt so alone.

me and dad IMG_0739 IMG_0740IMG_0736

I cant help but remember a funny moment that day, prior to surgery… My mom in her infinate sweetnes trying to comfort me and telling me Kimberly,  do not worry, it is all up-hill from here. Now if you know my motherr, english is not her first language and when she gets nervous she starts inverting verbs and nouns like in her native tongue of spanish ( even though we always joke that she was adopted and looks more Filipino than Puerto Rican) Back to the story, I tried to correct her and told her , ” no mom,  you mean it’s all down hill from here” She bickered with me for a moment . I kept saying to her I hope it’s not up-hill and she insisted… Kimberly, it’s all up hill from here do not worry. When she finally realized what she was saying, we doubled over in gassps of  laughter. We needed to laugh in that tense moment because I fear we may have been in tears if not!! It was a happy moment that still makes me laugh!! Thanks Mom!!xo


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